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The nonprofit cultural portal of Life Beyond Tourism is a internet site in ten language which has been created with the intent of increasing  our knowledge of diverse cultures. This is achieved through communication which is the interpretation of dialog. The portal  is a repertoire of various territories where all of its cultural institutions and economic businesses are described and represented.  Even if the visibility of expression of those less known institutions and businesses is favored, it is necessary to give the same descriptive space to  the more notorious ones in order to better understand the cultural personality of any given place. The portal-community has a extensive database and strong research engine available to institutions, economic businesses and individuals for the exchange of  ideas, projects and knowledge about material and intangible heritage by means of its magazine and photo blog.
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"Gopak - Ukrainian National Dance"
The joy of traditional dance
"A Yutthayan Buddah"
A hug between human civilization and nature
"The hunting with falcons - a sister of war"
An art since the down of time
"Azerbaijan carpets"
An alphabet of colors for a language of images
"An old tradition"
Who will do it any more?
CULTURAL SNAPSHOT landscape observatory
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"Authenticity: local vs global" The Nara Declaration, 1994
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Nell’ ottobre 2003 nasce ARCA - Amici della Repubblica Ceca Associati, seguendo l’esempio di associazioni simili fondate in altre regioni italiane e ponendosi come scopo principale la promozione, lo s...
大山丹沢連峰を一望できる座間神社・すいめい内ギャラリー杜に位置する。日本の伝統のシンボルとも言える帯を用いて、日本の古き良き伝統を海外に発信するため 帯アートを考案。特許も取得している。 いろいろな団体からの要請で、帯アート講習会を日本各地で開催。また、ギャラリーにおいて、帯アートと花をテーマに、帯アートを展示。...
京焼と泉涌寺での天風 陶工房 天風    皇室の菩提寺として名高い、御寺(みてら)「泉涌寺」。  その門前のなだらかな傾斜地を利用して、多くの「登り窯」が築かれたことから、泉涌寺門前は焼き物の街として発展してきました。 現在では住宅が密集して、「登り窯」は姿を消し、すべて電気やガスで焼き物を焼成する様になりましたが、今も50軒余りの窯元が、日々京焼を作り続けています。  1...
『旅するクジラ』は、東日本大震災で被害を受けた子どもたちを対象にアート支援を行うことを目的に設立された団体です。華道家 前野博紀が代表を務めております。 前野博紀は震災後に東北の各地で子ども達を対象にしたアートワークショップを開催してきました。その活動の中で、クジラの形をした子ども達との共同作品が生まれ、いつの間にかクジラは活動のシンボルとなり、各地でクジラを制作する様子は「旅するクジラ」と呼ばれ...
Le origini Nel 1976 viene deliberato dal Consiglio comunale l'istituzione dell'Archivio storico, recependo la legge del 1963 sugli archivi, che obbliga gli enti locali ad istituire una Sezione separa...
Angeli del Bello è una Fondazione di Partecipazione che  nasce su iniziativa dei Soci Fondatori  con atto sottoscritto il 23 settembre 2010 tra l’Azienda di Servizi Ambientali Quadrifoglio SPA e Assoc...
We exhibit the history of paper, works and achievements of Mr. Genta Yoshii, benefactor to Paper Industry and the process of how to produce Tosa Wasi from law materials.  In addition to the above regu...
La Biennale di Firenze venne fondata nel 1997 come convocazione generale di tutti gli artisti, con tutte le loro diversità. Era il momento giusto per un'idea del genere. Alla fine degli anni Novanta...
The Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments is the first municipal museum for musical instruments in Japan. It was established as a part of the "Creation of a city of music" campaign carried out by Ha...

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The Aquaflor perfumery is located in the historical Serristori-Corsini-Antinori Palace at Borgo Santa Croce, 6 in the center of Florence. It is one of the few perfumeries in the world producing and ...
Like the White Horse Tavern in New York City, and Café de Flore in Paris, the Giubbe Rosse in Florence’s Piazza della Repubblica has long been a gathering place for patrons of the arts. Once famousl...
About Seikado Seikado was established here in Kyoto in 1838 (Edo Period) as a pewterer and presently, we are the only pewter art craft speciality shop in Japan. Our 7th owner has devoted himself to ma...
H.I.S. Europe Italy S.r.l. is the italian office of H.I.S.CO., LTD., Japanese travel company that operates since the very early eighties in individual and group tourism market, through a dense natio...
The ancient Bigallo hospital, founded in 1214 by Dioticidiede di Bonaguida del Dado. The name “Bigallo” is due to its location at the Bivius Galli, or rather the junction between the old Via del Gallo...
L'allevamento "i cuccioli delle ville" è di proprietà di Francesco Iacobaccio, un giovane allevatore con esperienza ventennale nel settore e guidato dalla passione per gli animali fin da bambino. L'at...
Laboratorio Immagine Donna, a cultural association, was born in Florence, Italy, from the fact that there was a lack of female participation in the construction of the world’s representation. At times...
VivaFirenze si presenta nel 2011 come primo portale di prenotazione alberghiera  no profit a Firenze. All’ombra dell’orientamento Life Beyond Tourism, sviluppato dalla Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco®-...
Skyscanner: il motore di ricerca viaggi gratuito La storia: come tutto ebbe inizioIl CEO di Skyscanner, Gareth Williams, rimase affascinato dai computer da adolescente. Seguendo il suo amore per i cod...

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From: 18/04/2014
To: 19/10/2014
DARIO NARDELLA Vicesindaco reggente del Comune di Firenze MICHELE GREMIGNI Presidente della fon...
From: 18/01/2015
To: 25/01/2015
Project leader: Prof. Temur Kobakhidze, Caucasus University, Tbilisi, Georgia (temur.kobakhidze@cant...
From: 18/04/2014
To: 18/04/2014
Nel quarto appuntamento di Prima Visione Festival David Riondino e Dario Vergassola accompagnerann...
From: 19/04/2014
To: 19/04/2014
CONCERTO "ECCO LA PRIMAVERA" Mercoledì 19 Aprile ore 14,30 - 17,30 Museo di Palazzo Davanzati ...
From: 17/04/2014
To: 17/04/2014
Continuano gli spettacoli teatrali al Grand Hotel Adriaticoil 17 Aprile alle ore 21:00 i saloni de...
From: 10/08/2014
To: 13/04/2014
Hotel GTC, operated with the sguidence of Mr Sharma is a fun loving and passionatine hotel in Greate...
From: 09/04/2014
To: 30/11/2014
Shearin Gruppe Bundlinjen Hvilken bedre beviser kan en kigge efter i en vellykket fast ejendomsselsk...
From: 17/04/2014
To: 21/04/2014
Concerti Pasquali 2014 Concerti Pasquali is an annual concert cycle that takes place in the palac...
From: 06/04/2014
To: 06/04/2014
Domenica 6 aprile 2014 l'Associazione ARCA - Amici Repubblica Ceca Associati, insieme al Consolato O...
From: 01/07/2014
To: 30/06/2015
Please find below the 2014-2015 Programme of International Students' Workshops promoted by the Fonda...
From: 13/04/2014
To: 13/04/2014
Durante la Giornata Internazionale dei Monumenti e dei Siti “Heritage of Commemoration” che si svolg...
From: 13/04/2014
To: 13/04/2014
Towards the 'International Day of Monuments and Sites' - “Heritage of Commemoration” Romualdo De...
From: 09/04/2014
To: 09/04/2014
Associazione Prima Visione, in collaborazione con Florentinische Tagebuch nell'ambito di PRIMA VI...
From: 29/03/2014
To: 29/03/2014
Sabato 29 marzo 2014 si terrà a Firenze il secondo incontro delle Scuole ceche in Italia. L’incont...
From: 29/03/2014
To: 29/03/2014
Commedia inedita in vernacolo fiorentino compagnia "Le Figurellanti" "I GALLO DELLA CHECCA" di...
From: 18/01/2015
To: 25/01/2015
Time and place have huge symbolic significance in Eliot’s work and that of his contemporaries. Space...
From: 29/03/2014
To: 05/04/2014
From: 12/04/2014
To: 30/09/2014
La Macina di San Cresci  participates in the annual SLOW ART DAY to be held April 12, 2014. SLOW ART...
From: 29/03/2014
To: 05/04/2014
From: 29/03/2014
To: 29/03/2014
In occasione del centenario della nascita di uno degli scienziati più famosi della Repubblica Ceca...

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The Minister of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan invited the Foundation to th...
Category: Travel
The event was part of the celebrations of the Domenica del Fiorentino, in c...
During the 16° Round Table of the Experts of...
At Palazzo Coppini in Florence, headquarters...
Lunedì 3 Marzo a Plazzo Panciatichi, sede del Consiglio Regionale della Toscan...
LA MASCHERA MORTUARIA DI DANTEIN MOSTRA al  Museo casa di Dante 8 febbraio 2014 ...
Dal 2006, Ghislaine Avan ha intrapreso la realizzazione di un film Il LA del M...
On 6 December 2013, at the Royal Palace in Warsaw, at the end of the conferenc...
Last November 28-29, the Foundation has participated, upon the invitation of t...
The Secretary General of TURKSOY, Düsen Kaseinov, has signed on the 30th of  N...
Subtitle: A Case Study of the World Heritage Site in Danger, Simien National Par...
Although in a short period of time the industrial revolution violently changed h...
In the past, while several projects seeking public awareness and local revitaliz...
  Un gruppo di fedeli della Georgia ha visitato il martedì 15 ottobre 2013 il ...
On October 12th, in the Palazzo Vecchio, was held the Columbus Award (32nd Edi...
In Florence the Meeting site of National Focal Points, UNESCO Mediterranean Eu...
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