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The nonprofit cultural portal of Life Beyond Tourism is a internet site in ten language which has been created with the intent of increasing  our knowledge of diverse cultures. This is achieved through communication which is the interpretation of dialog. The portal  is a repertoire of various territories where all of its cultural institutions and economic businesses are described and represented.  Even if the visibility of expression of those less known institutions and businesses is favored, it is necessary to give the same descriptive space to  the more notorious ones in order to better understand the cultural personality of any given place. The portal-community has a extensive database and strong research engine available to institutions, economic businesses and individuals for the exchange of  ideas, projects and knowledge about material and intangible heritage by means of its magazine and photo blog.
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The world of businesses and institutions LIFE BEYOND TOURISM
Businesses and institutions that enhance and sustain the cultural heritage of the area


EMERGE is a non-profit cultural association founded in 2016, based in Torres Vedras, which main aim is to promote emerging contemporary art. We promote emerging art through partnership projects with p...
Haguro, Mountain of the Present Legend has it that Prince Hachiko enshrined the bodhisattva Shokanzeon, savior of mortals in the living world, at Mt. Haguro. It came to be called the “mountain of t...
NIISF RAASN formed in July 1956 as the Research Institute of Building Physics and walling of the Academy of Construction and Architecture of the USSR, since 1964 - Research Institute of Building Phys...
The Association of Historic, Traditional and Typical Shops in Florence, established in February 2013, brings together sixty historic shops and businesses, originally founded by Florentine artisans...
HISTORY OF PANGEA – Centre Research Ancient Techniques   The research of Pangea on land management ancient techniques began in 1990 during one of the trips in norther Africa. It includes drylands...
The museum evolved with the intention of creating a cultural link between the cultural universe of the small town of Mamoiada, which is known throughout the world for its traditional masks, the "Mam...
Ceccano è un comune italiano di 23.504 abitanti della provincia di Frosinone nel Lazio.
  Kurokawa Noh began with ritual performances at Kasuga Shrine, dedicated to the local god of the Kurokawa district, at the foot of sacred Mt. Gassan. Thanks to the efforts of the shrine’s devotees (p...
The EUI was born out of an atmosphere of cooperation, with notable advocacy for a European institute at the Hague Conference in 1948 and the European Cultural Conference the following year. Other pr...
“The Tretyakov Gallery Magazine” – a leading art magazine in Russia – is a richly illustrated quarterly bilingual (Russian-English) art edition affiliated with the world-famous treasury of Russian nat...

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Como escolher um escape room? A linha do tempo das redes sociais estão cheias de fotos de amigos felizes, que conseguiram sair de uma sala de escape? Oh, como isso é familiar! Parece que é hora de da...
:: Effendi Villa is a cradle of the history of the region of AdjaraEffendi Villa is the only existing monument to the turn of the 20th century history, architecture and everyday life of a family in th...
On the 2nd February of 2007, the Observatory on Tourism in the European Islands - OTIE  was successfully founded in Palermo, where the Head Office is located. It’s a non-profit association, constitu...
“El Jardí Secret” è un piccolo laboratorio artigianale dedicato al profumo creativo, dove le materie prime naturali sono le protagoniste. Uno spazio dove si personalizzano tutti gli elementi al fine d...
Full incoming service in Tuscany, that's the ideal company to plan your classic or unusual holiday  in our area without unnecessary stress and loss of time. Following your instructions and taste, we c...
Scagliola is a fascinating and elaborate working for the continuous diligence and research: it is a particular inlay technique that uses natural materials just like selenite powder, colored pigments a...
The origins of Moleria Locchi date back to the end of the XIX century when, in the heart of the Oltrarno in the historical centre of Florence, a small bottega  started to cut and engrave exquisite gl...
Attività nata nel 1980 da Franco Chiesi che dopo aver appreso e lavorato per il miniaturista Bini e per i musei Vaticani decise di intraprendere una azienda in proprio. Negli anni si sono avvicen...
Our workshop, in the heart of the Oltrarno of Florence, historical neighborhood filled with artisan workshops, since 1963 has been specialized in the creation of furnishings and lightings in brass a...

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From: 16/05/2018
To: 18/10/2017
16 - 18 May 2018INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCEFlorence Heri-Tech - The Future of Heritage Science and Te...
From: 04/10/2017
To: 20/12/2017
  I Mercoledì al Caffè Incontri Culturali al Caffè Astra al Duomo Firenze, Via de’ Cerretani ...
From: 01/11/2017
To: 30/05/2018
COURSE 1: International Students Workshops Life Beyond Tourism® 2017-2018 The approved Internatio...
From: 04/10/2017
To: 24/10/2017
From: 06/11/2017
To: 13/11/2017
Workshop Leader: Prof. Fedor Perov St.Petersburg University of Architecture and Civil Engineering...
From: 28/11/2017
To: 25/01/2018
Istituto Internazionale Life Beyond Tourism (IILBT) Una Finestra sul GiapponeL’inizio di un viagg...
From: 08/10/2017
To: 12/10/2017
GITEX Annual exhibition is back again with the great spirit. A gateway for the techno giants to ex...
From: 05/11/2017
To: 12/11/2017
Workshop Leader:  Dr. Prof. Olga Karpova Ivanovo State University, Russia Workshop Coordinator: ...
From: 30/09/2017
To: 01/10/2017
Una amicizia, una passeggiata e due mestieri artigianali
From: 09/10/2017
To: 20/10/2017
Istituto Internazionale Life Beyond Tourism (IILBT) Intensive Theoretical & Practical CourseL...
From: 09/10/2017
To: 13/10/2017
Istituto Internazionale Life Beyond Tourism (IILBT) Intensive Theoretical CourseLife Beyond Touri...
From: 27/07/2017
To: 11/09/2017
Circa trenta artigiani partecipano a questa mostra dell'area artigiana CCAM che vuole esplorare ...
From: 24/10/2017
To: 27/10/2017
Istituto Internazionale Life Beyond Tourism (IILBT) Intensive Course Training for TrainersLife Be...
From: 17/09/2017
To: 01/10/2017
Presso il Foyer dell'Auditorium al Duomo di Firenze, Via de'Cerretani n.54/r Domenica 17 Settemb...
From: 15/10/2017
To: 15/10/2017
From: 25/07/2017
To: 25/07/2017
Martina Daga - soprano sax Giada Moretti - tenor sax Orlando Cialli - contralto sax Giulia F...
From: 18/07/2017
To: 18/07/2017
José Salguero - voice Marco Perona / Francesco de Vita – guitar Cecilia Boglione "La Sesi" and...
From: 21/07/2017
To: 21/07/2017
A Cena con L'Opera una meravigliosa serata in compagnia del bel canto con le arie più famose italian...
From: 07/07/2017
To: 09/07/2017
Zapraszamy na II edycję przeglądu poezji śpiewanej Bukowieckie Dumanie w Bukowcu 7-9 Lipca 2017  ...
From: 04/07/2017
To: 09/07/2017
Anna Bini Rizzo Presidente dell'Antica Compagnia del Paiolo  è lieta di invitare la S.V. alla ina...

News from the magazine

“La trasformazione è la nostra parola d'ordine. In questo momento del tempo,...
The booking servcies portal, operating in a fully sustainable...
1 August 2017 The Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco and its International Instit...
6-7 August 2017, Florence The Memorandum of Collaboration was signed in Florenc...
The sacred majesty of Everest is better to be discovered and admired in Nov...
Category: Travel
If you are a person that shows enthusiasm towards travelling, it would be clea...
Category: Travel
In Florence a new style of tourist welcome is arrived thanks to the proposal...
Anche se alle volte l'amarezza c'è anche dentro di noi... Di cosa dipen...
5 July 2017, Florence A highly stimulating meeting took place in Florence betwe...
2-12 July, 2017 – Krakow, Poland Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco and Inter...
24 June, 2017 – Moscow Thanks to the involvement of Alexander Petrovich Kudry...
21-22 June, 2017 - Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation and International Institute ...
The Yusupov Palace on the Moika is famous as the "encyclopedia" of St. Petersbur...
The 6th edition of OTIE-SUMMER SCHOOL will take place in Malta (Gozo Island) f...
Upon invitation of the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Azerbaijan Rep...
The first edition of Agroecology Summer School is a joint project organized ...
“FIORI D’ARANCIO” è il tema scelto per la XXIII edizionedal 18 al 21 maggio ...
March 11, 2017 - Memoranda of Understanding subscribed between the Fondazione R...
Dal 5 al 15 maggio, presso la Sala Affreschi, Palazzo del Pegaso a  Firenze (vi...
On 22 February 2017, a triple agreement of collaboration has been signed ...
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