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The nonprofit cultural portal of Life Beyond Tourism is a internet site in ten language which has been created with the intent of increasing  our knowledge of diverse cultures. This is achieved through communication which is the interpretation of dialog. The portal  is a repertoire of various territories where all of its cultural institutions and economic businesses are described and represented.  Even if the visibility of expression of those less known institutions and businesses is favored, it is necessary to give the same descriptive space to  the more notorious ones in order to better understand the cultural personality of any given place. The portal-community has a extensive database and strong research engine available to institutions, economic businesses and individuals for the exchange of  ideas, projects and knowledge about material and intangible heritage by means of its magazine and photo blog.
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Chi siamo Gli Amici della Santissima Annunziata Onlus è un’associazione non profit nata senza scopo di lucro con finalità di tutela, promozione e valorizzazione delle cose di interesse artistico e sto...
San Bernardo è una ex-chiesa del 1400 ristrutturata rispettando i principi della sostenibilità e riduzione delle emissioni di CO2. Completamente immersa nel verde a 700 m da Antella, lontana dal tra...
L'Associazione “Amici dei Musei Fiorentini” si è costituita nel 1964 grazie all'intervento tra gli altri di Piero Bargellini, al fine di favorire la fruizione, la promozione, la valorizzazione e la sa...
Bee.com Association is born in November 2009. It has been created by video-making professionals with the aim to help and support associations, companies and organizations from the non-profit sector ...
The Museum was officially established in 1872 by a personal decree of Emperor Alexander II and it was opened for public in 1883, on the coronation date of Emperor Alexander III after whom the Museum w...
La Società DAnte Alighieri si occupa di tutelare e diffondere la cultura italiana nel mondo. Per questo motivo il Comitato di Firenze organizza eventi, conferenze, incontri e concerti gratuiti. Organi...
Nell’ ottobre 2003 nasce ARCA - Amici della Repubblica Ceca Associati, seguendo l’esempio di associazioni simili fondate in altre regioni italiane e ponendosi come scopo principale la promozione, lo s...
大山丹沢連峰を一望できる座間神社・すいめい内ギャラリー杜に位置する。日本の伝統のシンボルとも言える帯を用いて、日本の古き良き伝統を海外に発信するため 帯アートを考案。特許も取得している。 いろいろな団体からの要請で、帯アート講習会を日本各地で開催。また、ギャラリーにおいて、帯アートと花をテーマに、帯アートを展示。...
京焼と泉涌寺での天風 陶工房 天風    皇室の菩提寺として名高い、御寺(みてら)「泉涌寺」。  その門前のなだらかな傾斜地を利用して、多くの「登り窯」が築かれたことから、泉涌寺門前は焼き物の街として発展してきました。 現在では住宅が密集して、「登り窯」は姿を消し、すべて電気やガスで焼き物を焼成する様になりましたが、今も50軒余りの窯元が、日々京焼を作り続けています。  1...

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Founded in 1988, the Italian language school Centro Puccini is specialized in teaching the Italian language and culture in Italy. The school is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, Univers...
L’Associazione Tethys si è costituita nel 1998 a Firenze, con lo scopo di divulgare la conoscenza della storia naturale e di valorizzare il patrimonio geo-naturalistico del territorio toscano e italia...
The Aquaflor perfumery is located in the historical Serristori-Corsini-Antinori Palace at Borgo Santa Croce, 6 in the center of Florence. It is one of the few perfumeries in the world producing and ...
Like the White Horse Tavern in New York City, and Café de Flore in Paris, the Giubbe Rosse in Florence’s Piazza della Repubblica has long been a gathering place for patrons of the arts. Once famousl...
About Seikado Seikado was established here in Kyoto in 1838 (Edo Period) as a pewterer and presently, we are the only pewter art craft speciality shop in Japan. Our 7th owner has devoted himself to ma...
H.I.S. Europe Italy S.r.l. is the italian office of H.I.S.CO., LTD., Japanese travel company that operates since the very early eighties in individual and group tourism market, through a dense natio...
The ancient Bigallo hospital, founded in 1214 by Dioticidiede di Bonaguida del Dado. The name “Bigallo” is due to its location at the Bivius Galli, or rather the junction between the old Via del Gallo...
L'allevamento "i cuccioli delle ville" è di proprietà di Francesco Iacobaccio, un giovane allevatore con esperienza ventennale nel settore e guidato dalla passione per gli animali fin da bambino. L'at...
Laboratorio Immagine Donna, a cultural association, was born in Florence, Italy, from the fact that there was a lack of female participation in the construction of the world’s representation. At times...

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From: 03/11/2014
To: 03/11/2014
From: 18/09/2014
To: 20/09/2014
ARCA – Amici della Repubblica Ceca Associati & Consolato Onorario della Repubblica Ceca pe...
From: 13/09/2014
To: 30/09/2014
Local governments initially started carrying health insurance back in 2003 when Megawati Soekarnop...
From: 26/11/2014
To: 26/11/2014
Il Convegno Italia e Giappone: Istituti giuridici a confronto Data: 26 Novembre 201...
From: 30/10/2014
To: 02/11/2014
The Mediterranean Exchange of Archaeological Tourism confirms itself as an unique international even...
From: 25/10/2014
To: 29/10/2014
HIDEKO ENDO Exhibition Pre evento del 50° anniversario del gemellaggio Firenze - KyotoSUMI FLOWER...
From: 10/04/2015
To: 10/04/2015
We will be visiting the forest park in Stoke-on-Trent, UK and helping the MacMillan hospice to raise...
From: 10/11/2014
To: 13/11/2014
"DEGREE & PROFESSION - Projects Exhibition"  in the framework of Florence Youth & Herita...
From: 21/08/2014
To: 31/12/2014
When visit places, it's a good idea to know what events happening there so that we can join the even...
From: 02/12/2014
To: 04/12/2014
Welcome to Jaipur Real Estate Event. This event is brought to you by Lohagarh Real Estate, a popul...
From: 01/08/2014
To: 31/08/2014
Adelaide, Australia is in the southern part of the country, and many people come there every year to...
From: 01/08/2014
To: 15/11/2014
Scopo del Premio Matteo è stimolare la ricerca e la progettazione relative al miglioramento della ...
From: 16/08/2015
To: 23/08/2015
We, Spirit Desert Camp welcomes all our European traveller friends to visit Rajasthan and book a p...
From: 18/05/2015
To: 22/05/2015
The main aim of the conference is to promote, encourage, cooperate, and bring together researchers i...
From: 01/08/2014
To: 31/08/2014
Perth has a multitude of events occurring during the month of August, 2014. These happenings incorpo...
From: 19/08/2014
To: 25/08/2014
公募展「いまからまめさら」は、七代目 山中源兵衛が「豆皿」という広く知られたうつわを通し、一人でも多くの方に金工の世界に触れていただく機会となることを目的として開催しております。 前回(201...
From: 29/06/2015
To: 01/07/2015
7th International Conference on Contemporary Problems of Architecture and Construction Florence (...
From: 24/07/2014
To: 30/12/2014
Dear Friends, it is our pleasure to inform you that the RDB Foundation – during the XVI Round Table ...
From: 26/07/2014
To: 26/07/2014
ORTO in Cassetta per grandi e piccini per il piacere dell'orto anche per chi ha poco spazio a dispos...

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From 17 to 19 August 2014, the Foundation has been invited to the Internationa...
On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of The Nara Document on Authenticity (19...
Category: Nara Forum
Costume Colloquium IV: Colors in FashionEarly Bird registration postponed to A...
Through the Hotel Laurus al Duomo and the Hotel Pitti Palace al Ponte Vecchio,...
Monday, July 7, at the Palazzo Coppini, Professor Tadeusz Wieckowski, Recto...
La Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® con il suo Istituto Internazionale ...
Firenze  ha  battezzato e “consacrato” la giarrese Maria Privitera art...
Florence, May 19th 2014 – In Florence, between Tuesday 27th to Thursday 29th M...
The Foundation was invited at the conference Language in Modern World organize...
Category: Travel
  The victory in the Patriotic War of 1812 was one of the most important e...
After launching the recent "Declaration of Auspices" addressed to UNESCO and aim...
 Revitalize production landscapes in EuropeExperts of the University of the Unit...
In May 11-16, 2014 the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation with its International I...
Category: Travel
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