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The nonprofit cultural portal of Life Beyond Tourism is a internet site in ten language which has been created with the intent of increasing  our knowledge of diverse cultures. This is achieved through communication which is the interpretation of dialog. The portal  is a repertoire of various territories where all of its cultural institutions and economic businesses are described and represented.  Even if the visibility of expression of those less known institutions and businesses is favored, it is necessary to give the same descriptive space to  the more notorious ones in order to better understand the cultural personality of any given place. The portal-community has a extensive database and strong research engine available to institutions, economic businesses and individuals for the exchange of  ideas, projects and knowledge about material and intangible heritage by means of its magazine and photo blog.
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Castelfiorentino is the natural crossroads of the Valdelsa. Its strategic position,  in the heart of Tuscany and near to the main art cities of Tuscany and the Chianti hills, favoured in recent years ...
The Higaki Ballet Company has also been active in creating and producing original works, based on classic Japanese literary works through Western Ballet, performing a number of classic ballet and roma...
(社)桧垣バレエ団  プロフィール 古典バレエを上演する一方、日本独自の作品創造に意欲的に取り組む。’05年より、定期公演は文化庁支援事業に指定される。地元京都では、京都国際音楽祭バレエの夕べ(’86、’93)、京都市交響楽団の「京響親子コンサート」、「京都21カウントダウンコンサート」「オーケストラディスカバリー2011」に出演する。また、京都府の創造空間の制作に携わる。国際交流においても、パリ...
The Eastern European University Association was founded in 2010 by Russian and Ukrainian State Universities. EEUA main goal is to develop international education at Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian...
Jpanese suits Mon Ichimoku has long been involved with Kyoto's world of Kimonos , but for a variety reasons such as steep prices,difficult to put on there have been many people who have distanced them...
Chi siamo Gli Amici della Santissima Annunziata Onlus è un’associazione non profit nata senza scopo di lucro con finalità di tutela, promozione e valorizzazione delle cose di interesse artistico e sto...
San Bernardo è una ex-chiesa del 1400 ristrutturata rispettando i principi della sostenibilità e riduzione delle emissioni di CO2. Completamente immersa nel verde a 700 m da Antella, lontana dal tra...
L'Associazione “Amici dei Musei Fiorentini” si è costituita nel 1964 grazie all'intervento tra gli altri di Piero Bargellini, al fine di favorire la fruizione, la promozione, la valorizzazione e la sa...
Bee.com Association is born in November 2009. It has been created by video-making professionals with the aim to help and support associations, companies and organizations from the non-profit sector ...

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Playful Architects International artistic-architectural project for children from elementary schools as a part of Architecture Week Prague Festival patronaged by Ivana Zemanová the wife of the Preside...
Villa di Meleto is a historic nobleman's estate acquired by the House of Ridolfi in 1569, and it remains in the possession of the family even to this day. It became famous through marquess Cosimo Rido...
Azienda nata nel 1996, e da subito fortemente orientata alla gestione dei dati contabili finalizzata alla pianificazione ed al controllo di gestione attraverso l’accompagnamento e l’assistenza costant...
Founded in 1988, the Italian language school Centro Puccini is specialized in teaching the Italian language and culture in Italy. The school is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, Univers...
L’Associazione Tethys si è costituita nel 1998 a Firenze, con lo scopo di divulgare la conoscenza della storia naturale e di valorizzare il patrimonio geo-naturalistico del territorio toscano e italia...
Architectural Spies Ltd had been established in 2003 by two architects from two different countries (Nadya Stamatova from Bulgaria and Scott Skipworth from USA) who met in Japan.  They were drawn toge...
The Aquaflor perfumery is located in the historical Serristori-Corsini-Antinori Palace at Borgo Santa Croce, 6 in the center of Florence. It is one of the few perfumeries in the world producing and ...
Like the White Horse Tavern in New York City, and Café de Flore in Paris, the Giubbe Rosse in Florence’s Piazza della Repubblica has long been a gathering place for patrons of the arts. Once famousl...

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From: 03/03/2015
To: 24/09/2015
Welcome yourself to the most entrancing weekend getaway close Delhi which is the resorts around Delh...
From: 22/05/2015
To: 22/05/2015
Ballet performance  La Signora delle Camelie Higaki Ballet Company, Kyoto Japan perform an original ...
From: 26/05/2015
To: 29/05/2015
The World Forun of Vocational and Tecnological Education was born from the World Education Forun -  ...
From: 13/03/2015
To: 15/03/2015
From: 20/11/2014
To: 21/11/2014
World Monuments Watch Day Celebrations at the Historic City of Shikarpoor The historic city of Shik...
From: 25/02/2015
To: 31/07/2015
Corso Informativo Cattedra Life Beyond Tourism L’Istituto Internazionale LBT, facente parte della...
From: 02/03/2015
To: 31/10/2015
Corsi Formativi Cattedra Life Beyond Tourism   Il corso formativo completo integrato consiste ...
From: 01/09/2015
To: 31/08/2016
Please find below the 2015-2016 Programme of Exhibitions promoted by the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bia...
From: 23/04/2015
To: 23/04/2015
VIRTUAL EXHIBITION OF ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNSKyrgyzstan Union of Architects  creative exhibitionAnni...
From: 25/10/2015
To: 31/10/2015
Management problem of the World Heritage  sites in post-Soviet space(October 25-31, 2015)VENUE - Flo...
From: 13/09/2015
To: 20/09/2015
The Architecture and landscape of Florence (September 13-20, 2015)VENUE - Florence (Italy): Palazzo ...
From: 13/09/2015
To: 20/09/2015
Urban and street: designing structural features during renaissance period in Florence(September 13-2...
From: 13/09/2015
To: 20/09/2015
Annual Specialized Workshop in Fine Arts(September 13-20, 2015)VENUE - Florence (Italy): Palazzo Cop...
From: 13/09/2015
To: 20/09/2015
Annual Specialized Workshop in Cultural Heritage and Restoration (September 13-20, 2015)VENUE - Flor...
From: 09/02/2015
To: 20/05/2015
Holi celebration packages around Delhi at best rates in Resorts. Resorts near Delhi is mainly Enjoym...
From: 09/02/2015
To: 31/12/2015
Sydney, Australia There are lots of words to describe Sydney: glitzy, fast-paced, bold, energeti...
From: 15/02/2015
To: 08/03/2015
Workshop coordinator:Prof. Nana Iashvili Faculty of Media Arts, Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Georg...
From: 01/09/2015
To: 31/08/2016
Please find below the 2015-2016 Programme of International Conferences promoted by the Fondazione Ro...
From: 01/09/2014
To: 31/08/2015
Please find below the 2014-2015 Programme of Exhibitions promoted by the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bia...
From: 01/09/2014
To: 31/08/2015
Please find below the 2014-2015 Programme of International Conferences promoted by the Fondazione Ro...

News from the magazine

Everyday Life in the 21st Century CityFlorence, Italy   July 17-19 2015   Th...
The Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco and its International Institute Life Beyond T...
The Centro Congressi al Duomo CCAD is a company with solid roots on the Florenti...
The Centro Congressi al Duomo CCAD is a company with solid roots on the Florenti...
On the occasion of the Universal Expo 2015 that will take in place in Milan fr...
On the occasion of the Expo, the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco creates an overv...
The Centro Congressi al Duomo is company with strong roots on the Florentine te...
The XVII Assembly of the Experts of the Foundation has been announced for March ...
As Associate Member of UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organisation), the Fo...
The Final Resolution of the 18th ICOMOS General Assembly (held in Florence, 9-14...
They will stand firmly in place for many decades, perhaps centuries, and turn ...
With the beginning of year 2015, two new prestigious international affiliation...
Thursday 27 November, at the headquarters of the Fondazione in Palazzo Coppini...
On 12 November, at the Nuovo Teatro dell’Opera di Firenze, was held the awards c...
During the 10th and the 13th of November the Florence Youth & Heritage Fes...
On 11 November, at the Komech Hall of the Foundation’s Headquarters Palazzo Co...
The Foundation received the "Flag of Peace", in recognition of its activities ...
On 10 November 2014, was inaugurated the ICLAB-Intercultural Creativity Labora...
I fiori di Hideko Endo in mostra a Firenze. É stata inaugurata il 24 ottobre all...
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