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The nonprofit cultural portal of Life Beyond Tourism is a internet site in ten language which has been created with the intent of increasing  our knowledge of diverse cultures. This is achieved through communication which is the interpretation of dialog. The portal  is a repertoire of various territories where all of its cultural institutions and economic businesses are described and represented.  Even if the visibility of expression of those less known institutions and businesses is favored, it is necessary to give the same descriptive space to  the more notorious ones in order to better understand the cultural personality of any given place. The portal-community has a extensive database and strong research engine available to institutions, economic businesses and individuals for the exchange of  ideas, projects and knowledge about material and intangible heritage by means of its magazine and photo blog.
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The world of businesses and institutions LIFE BEYOND TOURISM
Businesses and institutions that enhance and sustain the cultural heritage of the area


The museum evolved with the intention of creating a cultural link between the cultural universe of the small town of Mamoiada, which is known throughout the world for its traditional masks, the "Mam...
Ceccano è un comune italiano di 23.504 abitanti della provincia di Frosinone nel Lazio.
  Kurokawa Noh began with ritual performances at Kasuga Shrine, dedicated to the local god of the Kurokawa district, at the foot of sacred Mt. Gassan. Thanks to the efforts of the shrine’s devotees (p...
The EUI was born out of an atmosphere of cooperation, with notable advocacy for a European institute at the Hague Conference in 1948 and the European Cultural Conference the following year. Other pr...
“The Tretyakov Gallery Magazine” – a leading art magazine in Russia – is a richly illustrated quarterly bilingual (Russian-English) art edition affiliated with the world-famous treasury of Russian nat...
ICLAB - Intercultural Creativity Laboratory was inaugurated by the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco and its International Institute Life Beyond Tourism, on the occasion of the Florence Youth&Heritag...
    L'Associazione Antichiterrae Molise(federata all'associazione nazionale di protezione ambientale Pro-Natura) si costituisce nel Febbraio del 2012 da un piccolo gruppo di amici con la ...
The Foundation “Ulyanovsk – the Capital of Culture” established in July 2012 on the initiative of Sergey Morozov, the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region. Before that there was a special programme carrie...
Today’s Wrocław University of Technology is an inheritor of the tangible property of the German Königliche Technische Hochschule Breslau and the intellectual and research traditions of the Lvov Poly...
History 1990: Creation of the Associazione Rondine.  In subsequent years, it continues to developstrong relationshipswith thenewly formedRussian Federation andthe Associazione Rondine, does their best...

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Marsili's Company, is The Chess Store in Florence. His address is: Borgo San Jacopo 23/R, very close to Ponte Vecchio (50 mt far). We produce chess set, chessboards and chesstables all made by hand in...
Welcome to my page!!... I will guide you to discover all the secret of this beuautiful medieval City and its old traditions.if you want I'll guide you in the countriside near Siena: we will go to San ...
Veni Vidi Visit is a non profit assiciation whose main activity is to give tours in italian for exchange students, to help them in discovering the less known places and all the aspects of the local cu...
Kenya Safaris Holiday is your one stop travel and safaris solution, Kenya Safaris Holiday will look after all your travel needs in Africa and beyond. With vast experience in the hospitality industry, ...
Founded in 2011, Greener Pastures is an ecotourism startup based in Northeast India, which aims at helping the region and its communities witness sustainable development, by promoting and implementing...
La nostra missione è anche la Vostra, perché inseguiamo lo stesso obiettivo: soddisfare i vostri clienti. Dal 1802 siamo il partner di fiducia dei più rinomati alberghi nella progettazione, prod...
Emmetek è un'azienda specializzata nella consulenza informatica (ICT), nella realizzazione di siti web e di commercio elettronico e nella comunicazione d'impresa. Offriamo soluzioni di eccellenza a su...
La Tipolito Pochini snc, tipografia e litografia a Firenze opera da generazioni nel settore grafico, mettendo l’esperienza tramandata fin dai primi anni ’40, a disposizione del cliente. Dal biglietto ...
Fra i tanti incarichi ricevuti si segnalano: Progettazione architettonica ed impiantistica di: Hotel Laurus Firenze Autitorium Il Duomo Firenze Hotel Palazzo Benci Firenze Hotel Guelf...
Commerciale Informatica è nata nel 1987 per iniziativa di alcuni operatori presenti sul mercato informatico dai primi anni ’70. Da sempre abbiamo seguito tutte le attività del settore, concentran...

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From: 05/02/2016
To: 24/02/2016
Get tours and travel guides for countries, cities, airports, ski resorts, beaches and cruise destina...
From: 25/01/2016
To: 09/02/2016
January 25 - February 9, 2016   10:00 am - 5:00 pm  Palazzo Coppini - Via del Giglio 10, Florenc...
From: 01/07/2017
To: 31/07/2017
Immigration: Crisis, Politics, and Remedies.Florence, July 2017Project Coordinator: Prof. Ray Hutc...
From: 20/11/2016
To: 27/11/2016
Project Coordinator: Prof. Perov FedorSt.Petersburg University of architecture and Civil Engineeri...
From: 01/02/2016
To: 07/02/2016
6° EDITION of the project   Saperi e Sapori in cattedra 2016   1-7 February 2016 Florence  ...
From: 01/07/2016
To: 30/06/2017
!!! FEES AND GUIDELINES 2016-2017 TO BE PUBLISHED !!! Please find below the 2016-2017 Programme of...
From: 01/07/2016
To: 30/06/2017
Please find below the 2016-2017 Programme of International Students' Workshops promoted by the Fon...
From: 30/11/2015
To: 03/12/2015
Drafting Guidelines for Heritage Management of Archaeological World Heritage Sites Workshop / Conf...
From: 21/11/2015
To: 23/11/2015
A View From The Edge - Life Will Never Be The Same
From: 10/03/2016
To: 13/03/2016
INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL ON MONUMENTS AND SITES  I C O M O S   International Scientific Committee ...
From: 12/03/2016
To: 13/03/2016
18th General Assembly Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® – Life Beyond Tourism®Italy, Florence 12,13...
From: 07/12/2015
To: 10/12/2015
V-th International Festival of Architectural Civil Engineering and Design Schools of Eurasia7-10 D...
From: 12/12/2015
To: 12/12/2015
From: 13/12/2015
To: 22/12/2015
PLAYFUL ARCHITECT 2015              La mostra internazionale Playful Architect (Architetto Giocoso...
From: 06/03/2016
To: 13/03/2016
Workshop Coordinator: Prof. Nicolai Gorsky-Chernyshev Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute...
From: 20/11/2016
To: 27/11/2016
WORKSHOP POSTPONED TO NOVEMBER 2016 Project Coordinator: Prof. Sabina HajievaAzerbaijan Universit...
From: 20/11/2016
To: 27/11/2016
WORKSHOP POSTPONED TO NOVEMBER 2016 Project Coordinator: Prof. Maria Murawska The Feliks Nowowie...
From: 06/03/2016
To: 13/03/2016
WORKSHOP POSTPONED Workshop Coordinator: Dr. Marianna Savrami Athens Museum of Numismatic and Epi...
From: 13/03/2016
To: 20/03/2016
Project Coordinator: Prof. Mieczysław Ziomek University Nicolaus Copernicus, Faculty of Fine Arts...
From: 18/11/2015
To: 18/10/2016
Prior this month, the Star Tribune divulged its first Best of MN production, taking note of the stat...

News from the magazine

Call for Proposals for International Students Workshops & Conferences 2016...
The Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation – Life Beyond Tourism flies to Bahrain, an ...
The history of Delhi has been a point of discussion not only among the Indians b...
Category: Travel
For those planning to go on a holiday! Here we present you the perfect destinati...
Category: Travel
The Grand Trunk Road:   The picture below was taken in 1984 during my visit...
Slutsk sashes are articles of Belarus manufactory weaving of the second half of ...
Category: Uses & Costumes
Poster Museum at Wilanów, Photo by Studio MM Marcin Michalak    When &...
While the Temples of Angkor have become a popular travel destination, it is stil...
Category: Travel
Royal Manufactory, is a unique and unusual place, where history meets the pres...
Prezentacja znajduje się w załącznikuMichał Muszyński
Category: Travel
Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich POLIN
Category: Travel
Architecture and engineering of Countries of Turchic Area. In Florence, four ...
Dopo il Giappone, i corsi Life Beyond Tourism allargano il loro raggio d’azion...
 K I E L O                 So nice to meet you Finland again's seems like y...
Category: Travel
  This is dedicated with love…because I would have wanted to love you more. Your...
Category: Travel
Branicki Palace in Bialystok
India enjoyed their independence in 1947 but it also meant that the royal famili...
Category: Travel
Zapraszam do zapozniania się z prezentacją w załączniku.
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